Health Services Research Center (HSRC) is affiliated with the School of Management, and also supported by  the Schoold of Computer Science and Institue of Advanced Technology, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). Our research areas are hospital management, health insurance, health policy and public health. The purpose is to conduct high quality research, develop advanced technology and provide services and solutions to health indulstry.

     Hospital Management

      Optimize patient flow in hospital emergency departments, outpatient clinics and inpatient departments; optimize appointment scheduling, staffing, surgery scheduling; to reduce waiting time and cost, increase efficiency.


     Health Insurance

      Basic medical insurance for citizens; medical aid for critical illness; pay for service, pay for performance or pay per capital schemes; to minimize health cost and improve health quality.


     Health Policy

      Evaluate health policy and improve health reform; health system design to reduce system cost, and balance between various stakeholders. 



    Public Health

      Disease prevention and control; epidemics prediciton and control; health and environment interface.