ZHONG Xiaoling
ZHONG Xiaoling
Non-tenured Associate Professor
Vita:https://bs.ustc.edu.cn/pub/vita/ZHONG Xiaoling_EnVita(2018530).pdf
Joined University of Science and Technology of China in 2018


City University of Hong Kong,     Ph.D., Finance

The University of Notre Dame,    Ph.D., Statistical Psychology

The University of Notre Dame,    M.S., Applied Mathematics

Tsinghua University,                    B.S., Mathematics

Research Interests

Empirical finance, fixed income securities, asset pricing, factor analysis, structural equation modeling, multilevel modeling, finite mixture models, statistical computation.


2018 to now         The University of Sciences and Technology of China    Research Associate, School of Management

2017 to 2018        The Hong Kong Polytechnic University                       Research Fellow, Faculty of Business

2011 to 2015        The Education University of Hong Kong                      Post-Doctoral Fellow, Assessment Research Centre


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Xie, Q., Zhong, X., Wang, W.-C., & Lim, C. P. (2014). The development of an item-bank to assess generic competence in a higher education institute: A Rasch modelling approach. Higher Education Research and Development, 33 (4), 821-835.

Yuan, K.-H., & Zhong, X.. (2013). Robustness of fit indices to outliers and leverage observations in structural equation modeling. Psychological Methods, 18 (2), 121-136.

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Yuan, K.-H., & Zhong, X. (2008). Outliers, leverage observations and influential cases in factor analysis: Minimizing their effect using robust procedures. Sociological Methodology, 38, 329-368.