XIE Jingui
XIE Jingui
Associate Professor
Joined University of Science and Technology of China in 2011

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Working Papers

[6] G. Zayas-Cabán, J. Xie, L.V. Green, M.E. Lewis. Optimal control of an Emergency Room Triage and Treatment Process. (under review)

[7] J. Xie, P. Cao, M. Ong, Sufficient conditions of reverse triage in emergency medical services. (under review)

[8] J. Xie, A. Chao, S. Wang, Analysis of a priority queueing system with customer upgrades. (under review)

[9] J. Xie, M. Chou and David Yao, Bed allocation to reduce overflow. (under review)

[10] P. Cao, J. Xie, Control of a multi-class queueing system with internal transfers. (under review)

[11] J. Xie, M. Chou, Flexibility on manufacturing and service stochastic networks: k-chain efficiency. (under review)

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